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I’m in very good company💥

📢DC peeps! There are only a few spots left to join next month’s 6ft Wine Club, a community focused based natural wine tasting group. The club was founded by my friend Woong Chang, shortly after the pandemic hit. He launched 6ft Wine Club with the focus of using dope natural wines to build community here in DC.

When Woong asked me to join in the fun, I was flattered to be included among these giants. 🙌🏾

💻Sign up for the club here!

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Listen, wine is dope. It is the subject of my study, and it's my profession. But, in the end, I've always believed that the true power of wine was in its power to build community. Wine is a catalyst to start a conversation that is bigger than just what is in the bottle. This has been my philosophy and vision at 6ft Wine Club from the get-go.

With this ethos in mind, we are making it all about the people in February 6ft Wine Club. In celebration of Black History Month, we will be tasting wines made by Black winemakers while being joined by badass Black wine professionals for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration.

We will be tasting:

2017 Oceano Chardonnay (Winemaker: @winemakerbue)

2019 Where's Linus? Sauvignon Blanc (Winemaker: Chris Christensen @bodkinwines)

2014 Maison Noir Oregogne Pinot Noir (Winemaker: @andrehmack)

2017 Aslina Umsasane (Winemaker: @nbiyela)

As a fellow wine professional of color, I couldn’t be more excited about the wines, the people, and the conversations we are about to have next month.

Oh, and did I mention we will be donating proceeds to:




So, what are you waiting for?

Drink wine and celebrate these Black professionals while feeling good about the fact your drinking habit is helping to make the wine world more colorful.

Sign up MEOW!

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