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Ayoub Chardonnay Dundee Hills 2017

Updated: Jan 27

“... I'm like chardonnay, get better over time (So you know).” ~ Lizzo, Juice

Purchased from: Mo Ayoub after a private tasting in his kitchen

Varietal: Chardonnay

Appellation: Dundee Hills, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Winery: Ayoub

Winemaker: Mo Ayoub

The Deets

Two years ago, Chris and I had the opportunity to taste with winemaker Mo Ayoub while we were on a summer vacation in Oregon. I purchased a few bottles and recently opened the Ayoub Chardonnay Dundee Hills 2017.

Many wines are meant to be enjoyed young, while others can be tucked away for aging. Living in a small apartment, we have limited space, so most of the wine collection is consumed sooner than later, except for a few gems, this being one of them!

We tasted the 2017 chardonnay with Mo, which I remember as having bright yellow apple and pineapple notes. The wine has since evolved into a rich chardonnay that is beautifully balanced by acidity and minerality. It reminds me of a homemade apple pie with notes of dried fig, pear, lemon, and baking spices.

I’m regretting only bringing home one bottle. Ayoub’s wines typically sell from $45-60 a bottle, not an everyday wine, but indeed a beautiful expression of Oregon Chardonnay.

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