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Field Recordings – Pét-Nat Rose 2019

Updated: Jan 27

Purchased: Whole Foods $19.99

Varietal: Cabernet Franc

Appellation: Paso Robles, CA

Winery: Field Recordings

Winemaker: Andrew Jones

There are days you want something a little unexpected.

The Deets:

A happy and funky palate-pleasing vibe of kombucha, rhubarb, unripe strawberries with a pinch of salt. This pét-nat is a delightful dry-wine that sparkles like a rough diamond. Winemaker Andrew Jones consistently creates crushable and addictive wines. The Cab Franc grapes were crushed and left on skins for six hours before pressing. Zero additives, minimal sulfur, native yeast.

Pairing: Pét-nats are truly versatile. I recently popped this open and enjoyed with Chinese takeout. The medium acidity complemented the egg roll and pile of Szechuan chicken.

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