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Hey, Whit! What’s Organic Wine?

Updated: Apr 9

💬It’s a wine made from organically farmed grapes without synthetic chemicals.

👉🏾Organic additives (e.g. fining agents, non-GMO yeast, etc.) can be added during the winemaking process.

🤓So, organic farming🌱 + organic winemaking = organic wine?

Yes and no…..

👉🏾Just cuz the bottle says “made with organic grapes” doesn’t mean the wine itself is organic.

🙄Organic grapes are used in both natural and conventional 🍷.

This is further complicated, because there are a number of winemakers that practice organic farming but don’t certify because of the cost.

Speaking of certification...the US and EU have different requirements.

So, read the label, chat with the sales staff, Google the producer to be sure.

I know it’s confusing!


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