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Review: Sans Wine Company - Canned Natural Wine

Updated: Jan 27

Earlier this summer, I chatted with Gina Schober of Sans Wine Company. Getting to talk with winemakers and wine innovators is half the fun of running a wine blog. The other half is tasting samples! ⠀

🌱The Sans Wine Co. mantra: sans additives, sans chemicals, and sans pretense. 1 can = ½ bottle at $15 a can. ⠀

🌱All of the wines are made with organic grapes, native yeast, unfined, unfiltered with no added sulfur. They’re also certified vegan.⠀

Sans has 7 wines in their line up. Here are five that were a hit with me: ⠀

⚡️Dry Riesling: this one evolved nicely with notes of citrus, chamomile, and stone fruit.⠀

⚡️Sauvignon Blanc: white peaches and melon and not grassy at all. ⠀

⚡️Rose: unripe strawberries, lemon pith and it was savory (hints of rye + salt)⠀

⚡️Bubbly Rose: a carbonated wine that’s very spritz-like with a medley of tart red fruits.⠀

⚡️Carbonic Carignan: baked black fruits, crushed cranberries, top spoil, and slightly leathery. ⠀

If you’re looking for vegan-friendly wines, definitely check them out.

Shop Sans Wine Company.

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