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✨Savvy Wine Hack! Shop by Wine Importer✨⠀

Updated: Apr 9

Buying wine is intimidating – even when you consider yourself knowledgeable.⠀

🤔So, what can you do when you find yourself in a wine shop and don’t recognize any of the labels?⠀

💥The answer: Flip the bottle over to the back label to see who imports it.⠀

👉🏾Recognize the name? Good, then you might have found a bottle that’s up your alley.🙌🏾⠀

🤯An importer will carry wines that meet their standards of quality, style, and point of view. ⠀

🤩Like one or two wines from an importer – you’re likely to enjoy others from their portfolio. So, start taking note of who’s importing your favorite bottles. 👀Look for “Imported by” on the back label.⠀

🍷Here are my go-to importers:⠀
















🛒Do you ever shop by importer? ⠀

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