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Von Winning ‘Winnings’ 2018 Riesling

Updated: Jan 27

If I were a real housewife, my tagline would be “I’m here for the right Riesling.” Get it? I’d throw shade and have a glass or two of this Riesling.

Purchased: Kelly Mitchell Wine

Varietal: 100% Riesling

Appellation: Pfalz, Germany

Winery: Von Winning Winery

Farming: Organic

The Deets:

Honeydew, green apple, and jasmine on the nose. At first sip, the acidity is like biting into a Meyer lemon, but it quickly becomes sweet with a pink grapefruit finish. Incredibly balanced, this is a wine that would turn any Riesling hater into a lover.

Pairing: Swap out your margarita next Taco Tuesday and have a glass of Riesling!

German Rieslings are fruit-forward with lower alcohol levels and always have good acidity. The acidity is key here for this pairing match, just like the refreshing lime zest of a margarita, you want a bevy that’s high acid to compliment. If you want a dry style of Riesling, look for a label that says Trocken (dry in German).

Want something with a bit of sweetness to take the edge off your spicy burrito? You’ll want to pick up a bottle that says Halbtrocken (which translates to off-dry or semi-sweet) or Feinherb (the unofficial term for an off-dry wine, similar to Halbtrocken).

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